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Gooseneck Lighting 20/850 LED
Our new 12 Watt LED gooseneck sign light, model 20/850 LED 12, is only $232.10 complete. Free shipping on all gooseneck lighting.
This is a whole lot of savings. Our sleek looking angle shade places light just in the right place to illuminate your sign. The build-in LED will last 50,000 hour, gives off 800 Lumens (CRI 80), and will last years and years. No need to change the bulb.

Choose the right color for you. All our gooseneck lights have over 25 powder coated colors to choose from at no extra charge. That’s right whether the color is almond, aluminum, antique brass, black, gloss black, dark blue, light blue, navy blue, bronze, brown, burgundy, copper, galvanized, gold, green, hunter green, Verdi-green, grey, soft nickel, orange, pink, red, turquoise, white, matte white, or yellow there is no extra charge.
Our powder coating paints are baked into the fixture are durable and look gorgeous.

Each gooseneck fixture is made to order right here is the USA. This means you get exactly what you want. We have a large selection of shades, arms and options that can be mixed and match to make the right lighting fixture. If you do not see what you want, give us a call 732 297-6606, we can help you. We do custom lighting.

What’s The Buzzzzzzzzzzz! Red Mango

loveit fixture #21/864

Next time you’re visiting Larchmont New York keep your eyes out for the local Red Mango yogurt shop. Up above their logo and front door you’ll find Love It’s #21/864 illuminating the storefront. A customized red finish co-ordinates with the “Red” in Red Mango.

So the next time you’re enjoying your yogurt look up. You may be enjoying the illumination of our #21/864!

We’re Featured: A Gifted Man


Love It Lighting had a guest starring role in the TV series A Gifted Man. Our fixture # 30/16-857 ESW help illuminate the way in this, now canceled, CBS TV show.

“A Gifted Man is an American television series, which premiered on CBS on September 23, 2011.The series is about a talented but self-absorbed surgeon who starts questioning his purpose in life when he is visited by the spirit of his deceased ex-wife.”

“Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) is a talented but self-absorbed surgeon at an upscale New York City clinic. He lives a comfortable and materialistic life due to the wealthy clients he treats, but is nevertheless discontented with his life and acts coldly to those around him. His life is thrown into disarray, however, when he is visited by the ghost of his ex-wife Anna Paul (Jennifer Ehle), who was recently killed in a car accident. Anna asks Michael to help keep running the free clinic she previously directed, which leads Michael to be exposed to poorer patients in need who are far different from his usual clientele.” *

primelite #30/16-857

Featured: Love It Living #30/16-857 ESW
Shades available in 16″ & 20″ and in 29 powder coated colors


* Source: Wikipedia – A Gifted Man

Bullet Lighting and Why You Need It


At Love It Lighting, we’re all about creating solutions through our lighting fixtures that encompass form plus function.  We’re passionate about providing you with the best and most affordable lighting available in the industry with versatile and stylish options!  With all that being said, there’s something we need to tell you:  you’re not getting any younger, and neither are your eyes.  Did you know that good lighting has the potential to mitigate the effects of natural physical changes that we all are subjected to as time is passing?  In case you didn’t, you do now!  Based on a study at the University of Colorado, researches found that individuals at the age of 65 need up to ten times the amount of light as the average 20 year old.  Whether you’re 20, 65 or somewhere around there, there’s no reason to have to limit your activities due to poor lighting.  We have some suggestions for changing the lighting in your home!  This is where Bullet lighting comes in.

Bullet lights are sleek and streamlined, offering direct light from a conical shade.  These fixtures compliment a variety of interiors, as they are available in several colors and finishes.  They also boast a cutting-edge contemporary look for the modern home.  So, you are not only purchasing a light that is stylish and versatile, you are also also purchasing a light that projects a bright and well-lit atmosphere for every area of your home that needs a little extra sun.

We’ve done the anti-aging research for you, so you don’t have to!  As we said above, we’re all about creating functional solutions, and we love when a product offers multiple benefits to our customers.  That is exactly why bullet lights are the perfect addition for your home.  Check out our Bullet lighting page at

Add an Innovative Spark to Your Kitchen with Industrial Hanging Lights

The kitchen is a highly variable room of the house.  When decorating the kitchen, there are many directions and choices of furnishings and lighting fixtures you can choose from.  You can go with many themes that are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and functional. The kitchen is a place where people congregate to eat and spend time, so it is important that the lighting be pleasing and flattering.  Decorating and furnishing a kitchen is fun, but it is imperative that the lighting also be functional.  The main function of the kitchen is to prepare food, so it is imperative to have solid lighting sources as well.  When working with potentially hazardous objects such as sharp knives and hot stoves, the kitchen needs to have ample reliable lighting to avoid accidents.  Try something you may have not considered before by installing industrial lighting fixtures in your kitchen.  When placed in a loft themed kitchen like a creative space, an industrial pendant light fixture adds a classy modern flare to your kitchen.  Use a light colored industrial light fixture in a cottage themed kitchen for a softer statement that is both functional and pleasing on the eyes.

Use your kitchen as a means to express yourself and your personal style.  There is a wide range of lighting options that can be utilized in the kitchen, so don’t be afraid to step outside of your boundaries.  Decorating your kitchen is an opportunity to try something that you may have not considered before.  Love it Lighting has a large collection of industrial lighting options suitable for kitchens, as well as other rooms in the house.  Love it Lighting’s industrial lighting options are unique to us, as we manufacture all of our fixtures in house.  Browse through our catalog for ideas when you are shopping for new lighting fixtures for your home or commercial space.

Feeling Nautical

The weather is getting warm outside, and here at Love It Lighting, we’re feeling nautical.  This proves to be a problem for us as we don’t have sailboat, and we’re nowhere near the closest beaches.  If you’re in the same boat as us, thankfully for you, we have you covered.  Why not bring the coast to your cottage?  There are various ways to bring the beach to your house…through décor, paint, and furniture.  But have you ever thought about nautical lighting?  What about LED nautical lighting?  We are excited to offer both of these options to you!

Our website features several designs of nautical inspired lights to capture the essence of the maritime look.  Interested in lighting up your room’s port?  Consider the “2 Light Ringed Cylinder on ‘J’ Arm Wall Bracket” which features a clean, classic design to make a refined statement.  Need to illuminate the starboard side?  Try the “Nautical Round Ceiling and Wall Scone with Cross Bars” with rustic warmth and natural charm.  And for those dark and stormy nights at sea, boats need a light to guide the way.  When a lighthouse just won’t do, try the next best thing.  Our LED Nautical lights will provide the bright illumination necessary, from sea to shining sea.

If you were not feeling nautical before, we bet you are now!  Sail on over to our “Wall Bracket” page ( on our website for more nautical lighting fixtures

*Ocean water and sand not included.

Love IT Lighting Offers Dark-Sky Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures are an excellent way to add beauty and security to your business home, but some buyers do not realize that many outdoor lighting fixtures can actually be harmful.  The International Dark-Sky Association, a non-profit organization committed to providing information, education and research about the hazards of light pollution, warns that, “Light pollution wastes energy, harms ecosystems, increases greenhouse gasses, threatens astronomical research and effects human health.”


Improper Outdoor Lighting Creates Energy Inefficiency


In our attempt to create safe and beautiful outdoor areas, we may be compromising our health and the health of our planet by installing poorly designed and poorly placed outdoor lighting fixtures. Improper outdoor lighting fixtures allow light to escape upwards, resulting in over-lighting and significant energy waste. According to the IDA, in the U.S. alone, wasted light cost 2.2 billion dollars annually and requires the energy equivalent to 12.9 billion barrels of oil or 3.6 million tons of coal.


Glare-Bombs Create Safety Issues



Ironically, over-lighting does not create safer spaces; in fact, it creates just the opposite.  Too much light on a specific area results in what is known as a “glare-bomb.” Glare-bombs not only waste energy, they actually prevent you from seeing what may be lurking in the shadows, as demonstrated in this illustration from the Florida Atlantic University, Department of Physics.




Light Pollution Creates Health Issues


Over-lighting is not only a security hazard, it can also be a health hazard. The IDA warns of the health risk associated with light pollution including the disruption of the biological cycles of both sleep and eating. Over-exposure to excessive artificial lighting may also be linked to health issues including diabetes, obesity, and some types of cancers. Light pollution not only affects the health of humans, it can also affect the health of wildlife, disrupting the foraging, mating and migrating behaviors of some nocturnal wildlife.




Love IT Lighting Remains Committed to the Environment


Love IT Lighting is committed to supporting organizations, such as the International Dark-Sky Friendly Association. We proudly carry a wide variety of Dark Sky Friendly outdoor lighting fixtures that not only enhance and protect your home and business, but help protect the environment. Our Dark Sky Friendly outdoor lighting fixtures decrease the effects of light pollution by offering controlled lighting that does not produce unnecessary upward light, glare, light “trespassing” or other effects commonly associated with light pollutions. Visit Love IT Lighting’s online store and check out all of our lighting fixtures. A spectacular night sky view is a beautiful thing!



Affordable Lighting Fixtures in Unexpected Places!

A chandelier in the bathroom? A hanging jar fixture over your kitchen island? You bet! Every 5 to 10 years, lighting trends change. Ceiling fans and bar lights are two examples that can date a home.  Adding an unexpected lighting fixture is an easy and affordable way to create that WOW factor in any room, and update an outdated space. First, begin by thinking like an interior designer.

Designers use interior lighting to create mood in a space. While the placement of the lighting is critical to the mood, so too, can be the lighting fixture itself. For example, instead of that outdated bar light over your powder room vanity, why not add a touch of elegance, warmth and sophistication by replacing it with something like this Cream Cloth Drum pendant.

lampdouble lamp

Or, keep the feel of bar lighting by simply replacing it with this modern Cone Light. Both work without overpowering even the smallest of spaces.

Modern Pendant Lighting with a Twist

Feeling funky? Replace those tired, traditional kitchen island pendants with something like these re-purposed Mason Jar Lighting Fixtures. Whether French Country or New York Industrial, this whimsical fixture, when doubled or tripled up, adds a fresh and modern feel. Combine fun and function when creating your culinary masterpiece by using Mason Jar Lighting Fixtures designed to complement any décor.


Chandeliers Add a Classic Touch to Every Room in Your Home

No longer relegated to the dining room, chandeliers are finding their way into other home spaces as both main and secondary lighting fixtures. Now offered in a variety of styles and sizes, chandeliers can be used to showcase any room in your home, including bathrooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor living areas.

Chandeliers are perfect lighting fixtures for any space in need of some instant elegance. As statement pieces, chandeliers draw attention to themselves and add drama to a room. As an accent piece, chandeliers add interest to an otherwise uninteresting space.

With so many to choose from, chandeliers no longer evoke that stodgy feel of a traditional formal dining room.


Using Conventional Lighting in Unconventional Ways

When adding lighting fixtures to your home, consider using light in unconventional ways. For example, why not use pendant lights as reading lamps, or as spot lights in alcoves, tray ceilings and wall niches to add interest and drama to the architectural features of your home.

Love IT Lighting, offers easy on-line shopping, combining wide selection with affordable pricing. Our modern and traditional styles are appropriate for residential or commercial applications, with many suitable as both indoor lighting fixtures and outdoor lighting fixtures.

Not finding the indoor lighting fixture or outdoor lighting fixture you need? Love IT Lighting can customize our fixtures to meet your needs. So, if considering installing a lamp post in your recreation room, Love IT Lighting says, GO FOR IT!

Love It Lighting Provides Affordable Outdoor Fixtures for Every Home

As many parts of the country continue to set record-breaking, cold temperatures, it’s hard to believe that spring is less than a month away! Now is a great time to conquer those winter blues by turning your thoughts to spring home improvements. Planning outdoor projects not only saves time and money later, but can also be a great way to keep your mind off of what’s going on outside.

Lighting is a great starting point for outdoors home improvement projects. Outdoor lighting fixtures add beauty, value and security to your home. But before buying or replacing, take a moment to assess your outdoor lighting needs.  While some outdoor lighting fixtures are attractive inside the box, this may not be the case once mounted to your home.

When purchasing an outdoor lighting fixture, consider the following: is it the right size and style for your home; is it durable enough to withstand the elements of your region; and finally, is it dark sky friendly, a term used to describe the appropriate amount and type of lighting for a specific space.

Outdoor Lighting that Compliments Your Home

Your outdoor lighting fixture should not be the focally point of your home. For example, a modern porch light might not be the best fit for a seventy-five year old Dutch colonial. Look for outdoor lighting fixtures that complement the style, era, or design of your home instead of those that draw immediate attention to themselves.

Outdoor Lighting That is Safe

Besides looking great, you will want to purchase outdoor lighting fixtures that stand up to the elements.Outdoor lighting fixtures marked “Suitable for Damp Locations” or “Suitable for Wet Locations” should be the only ones used is areas normally or periodically subject to condensation, or locations adjacent to the electrical components of a lighting fixture. In contrast, “bleaching” becomes a concern when installing outdoor lighting in desert regions. Make sure to consider the elements your lighting fixtures must endure before making a purchasing.

Outdoor Lighting for Your House…Not the Neighbor’s

Finally, when choosing outdoor lighting, remember the Golden Rule.   Outdoor lighting fixtures should concentrate the desired amount of light on a specific area. If you’re illuminating your neighbor’s window instead of your pathway, it may be time for a replacement. Dated outdoor fixtures tend to diffuse the light, spreading it out over a larger space, instead of concentrating just the right amount of light on a specific area.

Love It Lighting offers a wide variety of durable and affordable outdoor lighting fixtures designed to complement any home. Whether traditional or contemporary, our durable fixtures are designed to highlight your spaces without overpowering them. Check out our online solutions for all your lighting needs and remember… think spring!

Love It Lighting Creating Stylish, Affordable Lighting Options

Your home should be a sanctuary; a refuge where family and friends gather in comfortable spaces to rest, relax and renew. But, instead of feeling re-energized and content, does spending time in your home leave you feeling overwhelmed and claustrophobic? If some rooms are calling to you, while others scream to be avoided, it may be the lighting. Design experts agree that choosing the proper indoor lighting fixtures are just as important as the layout and furnishing when designing inviting, well-functioning spaces within your home.

Creating the Right Light with the Right Fixtures

For many homeowners, lighting fixtures are almost an after-thought when it comes to designing a space. However, without the correct room lighting, a romantic, evening dinner party may feel more like dining at the doctor’s office! Lighting sets the tone and creates the mood in a space. Indoor lighting fixtures can either enhance or take-away from the design aesthetic of your home. By doing a little homework and with a little help from the experts at Love It Lighting, you can choose the right lighting fixtures for each room in your house.

To determine the proper lighting fixture for a room, consider two things: the typical functions performed in the space and the people performing them. For example, a Sputnik Pendant lighting fixture gives a funky, cool vibe to a retro inspired kitchen, however may steal the spotlight from a well-set dining room table. Installing a trio of Mason Jar Pendant lighting fixtures, however, would not only draw attention to a beautiful table, but would provide a warm, ambient glow, and carry the hip feeling from the kitchen in to the dining room.

Love It Lighting has the Proper Indoor Lighting Features for Every Room in Your Home!

No matter the space or your taste, Love It Lighting, the internet lighting store, has the fixtures essential for creating your dream home. We offer thousands of different combinations of bases, shades, textures, colors, and sizes to fit all lighting needs. And because we are a web-based business, we can cut-out the retailers and pass the saving on to you. Quality lighting fixtures at affordable prices is the mission of Love It Lighting. Visit our online store and see why we are second to none when it comes to quality, prices and customer service.