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Globessphere, We carry them in all sizes and materials.
Cubesavailable in 8", 10", 12", 15" acrylic cubes. White, clear, and smoke finishs.
Ellipsecan be either polyethylene (white only), or acrylic (smoke, white, and clear).
Schoolhousethe shape is available in glass or acrylic, and white only.


Glass Classy and upscale, will not discolor, available in all opal (glossy white), Matte (non-glossy soft white), smoke, clear finishes. Can handle high heat Easily broken, generally heavy. Larges globe size is 18" diameter Expensive
Acrylic Looks the most like glass, lightweight, does not discolor, glossy finish, available in all finishes including prismatic, can be up to 36" in diameter Has a limited heat threshold, mold mark on the bottom of the globe about the size of a dime, can shatter
SuperLex Looks like glass, lightweight, glossy finish, does not discolor, our most durable globe, available in all finishes, can withstand high temperatures Very expensive, the largest globe is 24" in diameter, mold mark on the bottom of the globe about the size of a dime
Polyethylene Lightweight, virtually unbreakable in the first 5 years, large sizes available up to 36" in diameter, less expensive than acrylic in large sizes. Has a visible seam, tends to discolor in about 10 years, only available in white, has a non-glossy finish.


Whitecan apply to all whites for all materials.
Opalglossy white glass.
Mattenon-glossy white glass. Has a soft white glow.
Smokea charcoal-tinted translucent globe. The tint can be warmer in some cases such as in the glass.
Cleara complete tranparent globe.


We have all sizes of globes from 6" to 36" diameter. The most common size is 12"


Necked the globe has a collar that is used to go into a cup-like holder. The globe's catalog number will end in GNO for "globe necked only"
Neckless the globe has an opening without a collar. The globe's catalog number will end in GO for "globe only"e;
Neck Threaded the globe will screw into a threaded holder. Not available in all sizes.
Twist Lock the collar has a set of notches on the lip to secure it to a twist lock holder. Only available in 4" diameters and in acrylic.
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